Coffee for Nike

"Just Do It." My life motto since I can remember. I must have foreshadowed this event, repping the Nike Cortez's, a classic model, for years. Nike had a 45th Anniversary for the Cortez and a re-release festival. Welcome and Canyon collaborated to provide third wave deliciousness for everyone. 

Barista Training

I had such a fun time training the team of "The Station" in San Luis Obispo. The station was converted from a classic gas station into a venue for art, craft, wine, music and NOW COFFEE. I help Dart Coffee with their accounts and offer a training program for their wholesale accounts.

Echo Park Craft Fair Collaborations!

This is the second time Welcome and Canyon have teamed up for the Echo Park Craft Fair. The Echo Park Craft Fair is a 2-day art and design event in Silverlake, California, featuring work by over 120 artists, celebrating innovators creating anything from ceramics to jewelry, perfumery to clothing design, woodworking to fabric art to COFFEE. I was so happy to be a part of it, once again, with the lovely Ally and Casey of Canyon Coffee and the girls of  Great Team.


I've been an entrepreneur since I can remember, so I have a sweet spot for kids who are running their own thing. Stella is 9 and has her own pop-up. Her get-up is WAY classier than my brown fold out table lemonade stand that I used to run when I was her age. She will juice her HAND PICKED oranges on the spot for you to make you a fresh Orange Juice. Stella made a killing selling OJ and I sold all of my machete-chopped coconuts. What a great day.

Cutting the Ribbon

Welcome collaborated with Dart Coffee and Deux Bakery of Santa Barbara for Zip Car's release party. The mayor of Santa Barbara was there among many social and community cultural leaders. It was a fun event to mingle with like-minded local folks. 

Welcome Collabs with Roasting Companies

I love collaborating with coffee roasters. Since most roasting companies don't have a mobile unit, they hire Welcome to represent their brand. This collaboration was with Shreebs, an LA roaster. Shreebs is also a coffee catering business with chef paired ingredients for their iconic cold brew lattes like the Horchata Latte and Choco Chili and pour overs. 

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June goes to Nicaragua

I was offered a coffee residency from Vega Coffee in Nicaragua. 

My stay here in Esteli at Vega HQ was life changing. This will affect the way I think about my everyday life in a substantial way. I was sent down to Nicaragua to teach the farmers about the other part of the supply chain and the trends and third wave coffee culture. I walked away learning so much from them.

They showed me their side of the story. What they do for the world is incredible. They are extremely proud of what they grow, pick, process, dry, haul down the mountain, and even ROAST. There is so much integrity and SO much hard work. This is the start of introducing something that helps the farmers.

The world needs to know that it’s not easy for these farmers to collect a steady paycheck. They rely on middlemen to get their crops exported and expect an even deal, but a lot of the time that deal is not reciprocated.

Coffee Education

I love teaching people about my passion- Coffee education has been my favorite thing I've done with Welcome. This was a class I did with a couple of newlyweds. The class started off with a cupping, the universal way of tasting coffee. We then moved into a Latte Art tutorial. THEN! They roasted 8 pounds of their own profile roasted coffee.

The Jam Event

The Jam Event is a showcase for all Santa Barbara event coordinators and vendors. It's held every year at the Dos Pueblos Orchid Farm. This is one of my favorite places to pop-up, in the greenhouse.