Welcome and Dart Coffee had another successful collaboration at the annual Homespun event at the Dos Pueblos Orchid Farm. It's my favorite event to do, bringing so many talented artisans together in a beautiful greenhouse.


Coffee for Leaders of the World

There were big names at a retreat for some major players in Ojai. Present were executives and CEO's from Google, Amazon, hackers!, pop culture figures, military leaders, etc. I will say though... we were probably the most popular ones there, providing the liquid energy and good vibes.


Wedding for Mr. Pickles

My friends Brad and Lynee had a gorgeous wedding at the Hearthstone Ranch. Brad is a man-about-town and knows everyone. He had all of the local caterers and artisans there who happen to be his friends. It pays to be friends with rad people. 


Mercado Sagrado 2017

The Annual Mercado Sagrado with Canyon Coffee! Mercado Sagrado is a two-day event in the hills of Malibu Canyon. There are workshops, lectures, and activities intended to inspire grounding, creativity, self work, and community. Workshops include everything from learning how to grow your own food, read tarot cards, tie dye with indigo, and activities like sound baths, breath work and meditation, and a kava ceremony...and damn good coffee!


Good Coffee on Set

We popped up for a 3 day photo shoot in Santa Ynez. While I can't reveal the location, I will say that there were no casualties from any freak gasoline fight accidents. And nobody caught the black lung.


Bark for Life

The American Cancer Society put on an event to celebrate the ways our canine companions aide in the recovery process from cancers. We dressed the part and became part of the fun.