The inspiration behind Welcome Coffee Cart evolved out of a notion to create the smallest possible business I could possibly think of. I didn't realize how far this "tiny business" of mine would take me. The coffee cart has opened up doors for me in so many communities beyond just the coffee industry.

Welcome is not just a mobile coffee cart, but a social experience that serves as a vehicle to collaborate with artisans, small business owners, anthropologists, politicians, athletes, conscious companies, private member clubs, etc. Welcome has partnered with roasters from Los Angeles to San Francisco for festivals, event installations, and educational instruction classes. My business has generated a unique niche within the industry and provided me a personalized identity to engage and absorb a diverse range of experiences and connections from other synergistic parnterships. I'm extremely empowered by this business.

Since the launch, I have come across so many are people who don't have a large budget but want to create a profitable small business and means to engineer their own lifestyle. A lifestyle that is supportive financially with regards to availability and flexibility. 

As a private consultant, I offer my services on concept creation, implementation, and management of similar project initiatives. I also offer purchase of basic coffee cart build out plans. If you are invested in learning more or obtaining these plans for purchase (check out the Merch section), please shoot me an email at

From one small business owner to the next, 


Welcome Coffee Cart

A coffee cart in Texas that June helped build

A coffee cart in Texas that June helped build