June goes to Nicaragua

I was offered a coffee residency from Vega Coffee in Nicaragua. 

My stay here in Esteli at Vega HQ was life changing. This will affect the way I think about my everyday life in a substantial way. I was sent down to Nicaragua to teach the farmers about the other part of the supply chain and the trends and third wave coffee culture. I walked away learning so much from them.

They showed me their side of the story. What they do for the world is incredible. They are extremely proud of what they grow, pick, process, dry, haul down the mountain, and even ROAST. There is so much integrity and SO much hard work. This is the start of introducing something that helps the farmers.

The world needs to know that it’s not easy for these farmers to collect a steady paycheck. They rely on middlemen to get their crops exported and expect an even deal, but a lot of the time that deal is not reciprocated.